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Vocations Awareness Sunday

  Today is Vocations Awareness Sunday, a day in which we all celebrate the fact that each one of us has a Vocation, by virtue of our Baptism.  A Vocation is a Calling, and

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Ancient homily for Holy Saturday

Dear sisters and brothers As we celebrate this Easter season this very renowned ancient homily offers us a wonderful compendium of all what the Our Lords endured for our sake

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The Meaning of Easter Sunday

Greetings, Friends! HAPPY EASTER! HALLELUIA, HALLELUIA! The first Easter Sunday ever was the most significant and historic event in the Christian life, spirituality, and practice because it served as compelling

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He Has Risen! Alleluia!

He Has Risen!  Alleluia!     Today we celebrate the event that caused the disciples to recognize and accept the Message of Resurrection, the Message of Salvation, and the Message

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Set your eyes on the Crucified One

Dear brothers and sisters, Saint Teresa of Avila said: “Set your eyes on the Crucified One and everything will be little for you.” What great wisdom of this great Spanish

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Childlike, Not Childish

Greetings, Friends and Family of St. Margaret Mary! Is it true that you love the weekend, but the Sunday? Hmm, really! Well, I get it with the feeling “I have

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