Called To Renew

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

I wish you well and happy. Thank you for reading the bulletin.

You may be aware the Archdiocese has launched a capital campaign – Called To Renew (CTR). Archbishop Gomez’s goal is to financially assist struggling parishes and their pastors in the maintenance and upkeep of our 287 churches and parish facilities. Additionally, funds will be dedicated to needed Archdiocesan ministries such as priestly formation, Catholic chaplains in hospitals and colleges. All funds pledged and collected will be deposited into restricted accounts and all expenditures will only be for the purpose they were donated.

Our parish is in the last wave of the campaign with a goal of $1.7 million to be pledged over the next five years. Over the last three months, the campaign committee and I have diligently met about 80 families who have graciously pledged over $1 million. People’s generosity is truly the manifestation of our Lord’s kindness and generosity. We are still short $700,000 to meet our goal, I kindly appeal to your prayer and support. Half of the pledges we raise ($850,000) will be reserved for our own parish improvement projects. Once the sufficient funds are collected, we will focus on the following areas:

First, enhancement of the sound system inside the church. You already know how poor it is: speakers don’t work, and we endure constant feedback and popping sounds. The church is our worship space and the current system does not represent us well at important liturgical events.

Second, replacement of the original windows of the school and Rectory with double panel appropriate for security, energy savings, noise cancelation, and aesthetics.

Third, beautification of the façade of our church and add a ramp for the disabled/seniors who are challenged with the steps.

Lastly, upgrade of the patio walkways and Grotto area with new pavers.

Our parish has always been blessed by your love and generosity. I pray that this campaign would set a platform for us to work and cross the finish line together as a family of faith. The completion of these projects will serve as the reflection of our spiritual legacy for future generations to carry on. Please join me in praying for the campaign, renewing our parish, supporting families, and building the future.

In Christ,
Fr. Long Nguyen

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