Thank You for Your Pledge



Dear Parishioners of St. Margaret Mary,


Last week at all our Masses we were introduced to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ CALLED TO RENEW Campaign. Like the generation of SMM parishioners who built our great church, it’s now our turn to LOOK AHEAD to the future as we establish a revenue stream for capital improvement projects.


The goal the Archdiocese has given our parish is challenging: $1.7 Million dollars to be pledged over the next five years. I am so thankful to our 85 parishioners who have already pledged $1 Million towards our goal. That’s about 5% of our total active families participating. I’m confident, that you – our generous parishioners – will respond overwhelmingly as you’ve done over and over in our parish’s history. 


Today is PLEDGE SUNDAY and at all our Masses we will have the opportunity to be included in this historic moment. I pray that you have discerned and discussed your level of involvement and have come ready for this moment. 


Again, half of the money pledged will remain here at the parish for capital improvement projects. We’ve already identified four projects:

  • A COMPLETE UPGRADING of our church’s 20-year-old sound system so that it can fully serve the congregation’s needs;
  • A REPLACEMENT of the school’s 73-year-old windows and the rectory’s 63-year-old windows that are in poor condition – for safety, security, noise and climate conditions;
  • A RENOVATION of our church’s Eshelman Avenue entrance, including the repair of our sidewalk, front plaza and stairs;
  • A REPLACEMENT of the 45-year-old walkway between the church and Parish Center which has been damaged over time. The remaining parish funds will be secured in a Restricted Account for future parish projects. 


As for the half that is sent to the Archdiocese, we know those Restricted Funds will go to worthwhile and important needs. The remainder of our funds – a total of $425,000 is set aside for other capital needs here at our parish. Truly, this CALLED TO RENEW campaign is making a difference in our local and Archdiocesan community as whole.


So as you complete the Pledge Card today, please keep in mind the many faces of parishioners who we have yet to meet – our parish of the future. Your actions today are in direct service to them tomorrow. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for your abundant generosity and love for our wonderful parish St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.


Fr. Long Nguyen 


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