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Quinceañera Program

Welcome to St. Margaret Mary!

The following are some things to keep in mind when planning your Quinceañera celebration:

Faith– Liturgical celebrations are always an expression of our faith. We would like to see people who request a celebration at our parish to be involved in church and attend Mass regularly.

Quinceañera and the Sacraments: We assume that the Quinceañera has been baptized, has received her First Communion, and is in the process of being confirmed. At this parish the Quinceañera celebration at Mass requires that the girl be able to participate fully in her special Mass by receiving Jesus in Holy Communion at that Mass. Some girls received Confirmation as children in their country.  In Los Angeles Archdiocese youngsters are not confirmed until the second year of high school or older.  Their preparation process takes two years, with group meetings, retreats, and service projects for the community.  Girls should be enrolled in and attending the Confirmation program before they make their Quinceañera.  If they register for the Quinceañera too late to enroll in Confirmation class before their fifteenth birthday, they are required to sign up with Faith Formation for the next Confirmation class, and to go to three Thursday evening Youth Group Meetings. We treat the Quinceañera Mass as part of a whole process of teenagers’ coming to know and assert their own faith in Christ and their belonging actively to the Catholic Church.  It may seem difficult at times to do what is required, but the blessings and maturity gained will be more than worth the effort.

Celebration: As a church, we foster the values of the gospel: humility, simplicity, generosity and respect for God. Because all sacraments and sacramental are meant to build up and celebrate the community- like the family that we are- our Quinceañera celebrations will be as a group. We hold a monthly Quinceañera Mass, usually on the last Saturday of the month, at 12p.m. Please keep in mind that only one thing is necessary: to thank God for what he has done for us.

Participants– Once again, the nature of this celebration is to thank God for the life the young lady has received from her family. Parents and godparents (preferably baptismal godparents), since they are to journey with the child throughout the different stages of life) will play an active role during the Mass, but damas and chambelanes do not take a special part in the church ceremony.

Language– Since we live in a multi-cultural community, our celebration may be done in a bilingual fashion. This will be decided by the priest based on the participants in the actual celebration.

Preparation– There will be a series of four classes to reaffirm our faith and prepare us for a dignified celebration. Participants must complete all classes. Upon completion, the Quinceañera will receive a certificate which she will present to the parish office in order to be part of the celebration. Please refer the attached calendar for dates, time, location and those who need to be present to participate.

Contribution– The usual contribution is $350.00 per Quinceañera in group & $1,050 for private. 

For any questions, please contact Mona Navarro 310-325-7367.

Programa para Quinceañera

¡Bienvenidos a Santa Margarita María!

La siguiente información es muy importante para entender la celebración que ofrecemos aquí, en nuestra parroquia:

Fe– Las celebraciones litúrgicas son expresiones de nuestra fe. Nos gustaría que la gente que solicita esta celebración en nuestra parroquia se involucre en las actividades de la iglesia y asistan a misa regularmente. Nosotros asumimos que las Quinceañeras ya han sido bautizadas y han recibido su Primera Comunión.

Celebración– Como iglesia, nos enfocamos en los valores del Evangelio: humildad, sencillez, generosidad y respeto a Dios. Porque todos los sacramentos se hacen en comunidad, celebran que somos una sola familia ante Dios, nuestra celebración de Quinceañera se realiza en grupo. Se celebra una misa por mes, generalmente el último sábado del mes a las 12pm.  Tenga en mente que solo una cosa es necesaria: Darle gracias a Dios por lo que hace por nosotros.    

Participantes– Una vez más: el sentido de esta celebración es de darle gracias a Dios por la vida que esta joven ha recibido de su familia. Los padres y padrinos (preferiblemente los de bautismo puesto que ellos deben acompañar a la Quinceañera durante las diferentes etapas de la vida) tendrán una parte especial en la misa, pero ya que la celebración es grupal, las damas y los chambelanes no pueden tomar parte en la ceremonia de la iglesia.

Idioma– Como vivimos en una comunidad multicultural, la celebración puede ser bilingüe. Esto lo decidirá el sacerdote basándose en los participantes registrados para cada celebración.

Preparación– Habrá una serie de cuatro reuniones para reafirmar la fe y prepararse para la celebración. Las participantes tienen que completar todas las clases. Cuando terminen este programa para Quinceañeras se les entregara un certificado que debe ser presentado en la oficina parroquial para poder participar en la celebración. Por favor, pongan atención a la siguiente hoja donde se indican los días, la hora, el lugar y las personas que deben participar en cada una de las reuniones de preparación.

Contribución– La contribución para la misa es de $350.00 por Quinceañera en grupo y $1,050 privada.

Cualquier pregunta, favor de comunicarse con Mona Navarro al 310-325-7367.