Thank You for Your Pledge

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!   Dear Parishioners of St. Margaret Mary,   Last week at all our Masses we were introduced to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ CALLED TO RENEW Campaign. Like the generation of SMM parishioners who built our great church, it’s now our turn to LOOK AHEAD to the future as we […]

Called To Renew

Dear Parishioners and Friends, I wish you well and happy. Thank you for reading the bulletin. You may be aware the Archdiocese has launched a capital campaign – Called To Renew (CTR). Archbishop Gomez’s goal is to financially assist struggling parishes and their pastors in the maintenance and upkeep of our 287 churches and parish […]

Happy Memorial Day and the Pentecost!

Greetings, Friends! I wish you well and happy. I hope that you would have some quality time with your loved ones during this Memorial Day weekend. Historically, the first Memorial Day was nationally observed on May 30, 1868 to honor the Union soldiers who had died in the Civil War (Library of Congress). According to […]

The Meaning of Easter Sunday

Greetings, Friends! HAPPY EASTER! HALLELUIA, HALLELUIA! The first Easter Sunday ever was the most significant and historic event in the Christian life, spirituality, and practice because it served as compelling evidence of Jesus’ victory over death. If Jesus never resurrected on the third day (early Sunday), then He was no different from us and other […]

Childlike, Not Childish

Greetings, Friends and Family of St. Margaret Mary! Is it true that you love the weekend, but the Sunday? Hmm, really! Well, I get it with the feeling “I have to come to Mass today.” Hopefully and prayerfully, coffee & donuts (C&D) can cheer you up or at least provide you and your children some […]

Why does evil exist?

Greetings, Friends! May Bishop David O’Connell rest in peace. + When this sad news broke out, everyone was shocked. I was speechless because only a few days ago, I was sitting next to him at the Priests Council meeting. It was even much harder for us to accept the fact of how he died. You […]

Recent event in Monterey

Good day Friends!

I wish you well and happy. The first month of this new year already passed us and here we are in the second. If you follow the news of what is going on around the world, country, and local, especially with the recent shooting in Monterey, it appears that we all are left with a bad taste in the mouth. So where do we go from here? How are we coping? What will be our future? What will be next? More question and question….