Concluding This Year

Concluding this year in which I have been assigned to exercise my priestly ministry at St. Margaret Mary, even if it was for a short year, I have to say that it has not been less significant and not for that reason I have less appreciation!

On the contrary it has been a wonderful opportunity! Getting to know another beloved portion of God’s people is very enriching for me as a priest! I am always amazed to meet  women, men, children, young people and adults faithful followers of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary our Mother and our Catholic faith.

Knowing this wonderful diversity of cultures and nationalities makes me feel the beautiful catholicity of the Church that expresses and lives the same faith each according to his own style and culture, but faithful to the Word of God and the divine teachings of the Lord Jesus!

The Lord Jesus said it well, and I have experienced it every time I have had a change with all the complications that a change implies: foxes have dens and birds have nests,  but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head! (Luke 9:58)

I would have liked to know everyone more personally by name and life history, but human limitations prevent me, memory is no longer as fresh as before and finally other limitations, but where I have passed throughout the 36 years of priestly life, to all people, sheep of Christ’s flock, those whose names I remember, those I was able to know more closely, as well as those other sheep that I did not give myself all the time to know and treat as part of my present and future priestly ministry. Those whom I knew more or those whom I knew less, equally all, I will continue to keep in my prayers and in the offering of infinite value of the Eucharist!

Both the dear people of the Santa Margarita Staff and the parishioners thank you very much. A bit like Jim Croce would say in his song “every time I tried to tell you the words just came out wrong, so I’ll have to say “I love you” in a song”… I would also have to say “every time I try to tell you my words just come out wrong, so I’ll have to say I thank you in a song.” 

Thank you very much to divine Providence and to all of you for my brief stay here in Lomita Michoacán, in Lomita Jalisco, in Lomita Nayarit, in Lomita Guanajuato, in Lomita Guerrero, in Lomita Oaxaca, in Lomita Filipinas and in Lomita California!

God bless you. May Our Lady take care of you, may your Angels and Saints accompany you on your pilgrimage to eternal life.

Padre Alejandro 


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